Last Group from Brookside

Today we were visited by the last group from Brookside. Ms. Ramey's students were a wonderful group that had some really great questions for our instructors. Sadly we dont have any photos of this class, but they seemed to have a great time during the dissection. Thanks to everyone for a great day and we had a great time with you all! SEE MORE

Ms. Misener's Scientists


This week started with another visit from Brookside 3rd graders, this time from Mrs. Misener's class. It seemed like both students and parents really liked all of the rotation stations, and the same could definitely be said for the dissection! We are so happy you were all able to join us today and hope that you had a wonderful learning experience!! SEE MORE

Brookside 3rd Graders Visit

IMG 0055

Brookside 3rd graders from Ms. Moe's class came by for the heart module today! These kiddos were a mixed group of excited and nervous, but by the end of the day it was the excitement that won out! We learned through the dissection that this class was full of future scientists and innovators. We hope you had fun and can't wait to read all about cool inventions you all create in the future!! SEE MORE




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